06 December 2020


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Yes, I'm talking about Deadcember. My favorite monthly minipainting challenge.

Here's figures from last year that didn't get painted. The wraiths are waiting for new weapons to replace the Bones bendy-swords. Not sure I'll be able to get psyched up enough to paint the Kemmler 2.0. (Really wish I had the original!)

So far, though, I've mostly been working on more 'bots.

Finished the basing on these three and prepped the next few.

Being cast adrift for 40,000 years of unappreciated gardening can unhinge even the most peaceful of 'bots. (Er, "drones”).

Edit: Finished painting them!

Still considering names for the robot pirate's ship. Thinking about Liberator, Autonomy, or Elektro.

Not a new figure, but I finally repaired the damage to paint and base on this old cart...


  1. Huey, Duey and Luey in the 41st millennium, nice

  2. Nice collection of undead. It will be happening!