17 October 2017

Oddier and Endier Skeletons

Two big skeletons from the last Reaper Bones KS. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on the minotaur, but I had already decided that I wanted to get the metal version as I was cleaning up the mold lines. So he will be getting replaced at some point. Just a really nice figure. Both are.

For the moment, they will be joining the ogres, so I can run a "counts as" KoW horde of undead trolls.

Indecisive about what to paint next...

15 October 2017

More Skeletal Odds & Ends

As the title says...

Last two... I think these were Bane Knights from Warmachine, with some modification. Odd sized bases because of their size/poses -- filling out a regiment.

Four more non-human skeletons, individually based this time. Three are from Ral Partha. Old Julie Guthrie sculpts that have that same great but delicate detail as one of my other favorite oldschool sculptors, Tom Meier. I *think* these are still available from Iron Wind Metals. There is a fourth figure from the pack, but it's armed with a bow, which I have no use for at the moment. The last one in the pic  (on the left) is an undead hobbit from Reaper. I got it with the previous Bones KS stuff.

Orcs (Three Different Ones) - Orctober 2017

"Orcs (Three Different Ones)" My tiny Orctober project. Old, Midddle, and New. Green, Sallow, and Skeletal.

14 October 2017

Skeletal Odds & Ends - Part 01

Continuing to work on some odds & ends. Mostly single figures to fill in gaps or finish off batches of figures.

Finished the orc skeleton for my non-human skeletons, an old (mid?) school wight, and an old RP mini that will also be going in with the wights.

Also... that's technically my first orc done for Orctober. ;)

Spam Comments

I hate to do it, but I am considering shutting off commenting on my blog. I am getting boatloads of SPAM for some online casino. Or at least that's taking it at face value, I'd never click on the links to check if that's really what it is.

But for the past few weeks, I have have to delete the daily round of spam comments, it seems. And it's getting annoying.

10 October 2017

Orcs (Three Different Ones) - WIP

Working on some odds & ends. Mostly undead to fill in some gaps or finish off groups of minis. Sort of like the last update of Nightmare Legion, but the ones on the table are smaller quantities.

I also thought I'd do something for Orctober. Thus -- to borrow a porcine title -- Orcs (Three Different Ones)

I've only just started them. Skeletal, green, and sallow.

07 October 2017

Last of the Nightmare Legion

I've still had some unfinished Nightmare Legion minis hanging around. I'm leaning towards playing Undead for KoW in Nov., so thought I would (very!) quickly fiish painting them. I will have to pull out the rest, but I'm hoping I can field a horde. If not, I would like to pick up a few more. For the moment, though, I will just infill up to 40 strong with other skeletons.

03 October 2017

01 October 2017

K......... A R L S Disco Wiener Haven

I've had this song randomly stuck in my head all day. Spontaneous outbursts & mumblings of it have followed. I haven't seen the movie or heard the song in decades. No idea why it popped into my head today.

So, naturally, I started thinking about gaming. Naturally. You see the connection, don't you?

About a year ago, I typed out a bit of the background & start of the campaign outline for the Jackrabbit Trading Company's part in my ridiculous grand Marienburg campaign that will probably never even get played. I think I've written a little more since. But the relevant part here is the Anabasis that follows in that outline. The plan has been a series of scenarios based on the classical "soldiers road trip" of the same name and its various relations & derivatives.

So with that in mind, the rest of my cultural mashing would involve our protagonists having a Straight to Hell like stop along their journey home through the Wasteland. I like the bonus tie-in between the hobbits' legendary wurst and Karl's Disco Wiener Haven.

At the very least, I will need to convert or sculpt (or have sculpted?) a Zander Schloss "wiener kid miniature. Maybe a few other characters.

KoW Tournament

I did end up registering for an upcoming local KoW tournament. I've got mixed feelings on the whole "tournament" thing. But I'm going to give it a shot. I think I'm just hoping to find someone (or someones) near me who are interested in playing more narrative/friendly type games. And I do like KoW. It satisfied the easy-going mass battle side of gaming for me.


Orc's are not really a major part of any of my plans, but I'm going to paint up at least an orc or two, in the spirit of the season.