09 July 2017

Epic Disasters of the Wargaming World


It doesn't impact this blog, but the recent Photobucket debacle has caused quite a disturbance. That includes my gaming forum posts, painting logs, etc. at places like Warhammer-Empire, Lead Adventures, and the Oldhammer Forum. Most of that was the exact same stuff as here -- so it's not like I "lost" all record of my painting & gaming adventures -- but it is a major hassle. Not that I've got much time to do anything about it, so I'm going to host images elsewhere, and just keep going.

To be honest, I can't believe Photobucket has survived this long. They were once a good service that I would have been willing to pay for, but they've become a growing train wreck in recent years and the thought of paying $400/year for their service is laughable.


More work travel, more non-gaming/painting responsibilities... so not much fun going on here. As always, I hope to change that -- and hope to post more interesting things here. I actually just snuck in a good half hour of painting... but not much to show for it at the moment. I'm hoping to get a little more time later. So... maybe actual miniatures stuff soon?

Age of Zogmar

Been thinking about my theoretical gaming setting, campaign, and ideas again...

I guess you could call it an in-game rationalization for the type of gaming I'd like to be doing.

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  1. I never understood why one needed third party hosting. I load all my pictures straight to blogger.