26 November 2016

Deadcember in November

Brace yourselves, Deadcember is... oh, well... never mind. It's here early.

 I've been putting aside undead(ish) stuff for a while, figuring I would get to it in Deadcember. What little free time I have had has been mostly agonizing over other stuff. About 11:50 pm, Black Friday, November 25.... close enough. I'm not sure how much time I will get in December, so I figured I would enjoy a little late night painting while I can.

Just base coats and initial washes on the bones. But it's a start -- an early start.

Have you ever thought that you've got some privacy... say, in the bathroom. But you can's shake the creepy feeling that you're being watched...  :(

Some day soon I'm going to need to work up a simple game where I can pit my undead against my daughter's princesses. ;)

Like some sort of Disney, Black Cauldron mash-up.


  1. So even Disney Princesses have to go to the bathroom with a friend?!

    Tom Meier does a small range of 28mm Fairy Ballerina Princesses (and other weirdness) inspired by his kids, if you want to make her a "proper" army...

  2. It looks like they are whispering something rude about me while I'm using the bathroom. Haha. I've got more photos of funny doll poses I've randomly found. I should post a set.

    I've seen the Tom Meier figures, and have wanted an excuse to get the Slug Eat Your Face figure from that range.

    Have you seen the Fairy Meat figures? I also saw someone on LAF has a range of My Little Pony lead, if I wanted to branch out into my daughter's other interests.

    Though I think I can find enough of her toys around the house that are small. Hey! Maybe this is a use for those Halloween store skeletons I picked up! :)

  3. I would love to see you transform one of those Princesses into a flesh golem or zombie queen. It would make them slightly less creepy.