16 November 2016

Skrolk, Baggage

Some of us on the Oldhammer in the New World Facebook group did a surprise figure exchange. I painted & sent someone Lord Skrolk.

After many long years, I finally scratch built and bought some containers to put in the wagons & carts. I can't remember if I posted these before, but did these a little while ago.


  1. Skrolk looks amazing. There are so many fine details in your paintjob; his ruined face, the discolourations on the censor, and (especially) the red writing in the tome. Bravo.

  2. What he said, I really love this piece.
    The essence of WFB from the beginning of my hobby (~4/5ed).

  3. Thanks. I honestly feel this is one of the best figures I've painted in a while. Further experimenting & getting more comfortable with washes and glazes rather than sticking with layers & blending. Because of that, I've been bringing in more colors (hues), in a way I would when using watercolors on paper. So flesh, for example isn't just several tones of brown. It's browns, blues, reds, and so on.

    I had difficulty deciding how to do the censor. At first I thought about a more flashy glowing look, but decided to try something more subtle. I'm flattered that people have noticed & commented on it, I was afraid it would be overlooked!

    Although I started with 3rd ed, and think that a lot of the design of the Skaven went astray after that, I do love most of the 4th ed. character sculpts, and Skrolk is one of the best!

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Skrolk is amazing! The color on the censor is perfect, and the writing is very well done.

    Makes me eager to see what you could do with your RT project...

    1. Thanks. Unfortunately I think any RT projects are on hold for the moment. But I'm still thinking about them.

      I've found a few good in-production figures for the robot pirates, though most are pretty pricey. I may end up doing a lot of scratch building & kit bashing as well. For now, though, lack of time & money are still pushing this back for a while.

      Unfortunately, the RT Eldar I'd like to do are just more than I'm willing to spend, unless I can get some sort of deal or someone's old collection randomly falls into my hands. I had thought about looking into converting the current Eldar figures, but although many of them are quite nice, they still don't hold that same inspiration for me as the older ones. So... still not sure, the idea for doing an oldschool Eldar project looks kind of dead.

    2. I hear you on the Eldar for sure, although fortunately I have a small stash I got years ago/from GW mail order.

      I did get a few jetbike torsos from bitz sellers a while back, since they have the "old school" helmet. I am actually painting an example of that conversion right now, so soon(ish) you could check it out on my blog.

      Along side of that (long term) project, I have also been collecting Eldar/Elf bitz for a more piratical band, but I still need the most expensive/rare bitz to complete it.

      It certainly feels like this hobby was both easier and cheaper when I got into it.

    3. I hear that. Speaking only for myself, it *was* easier and cheaper when I got into it -- because I was an employed teenager living at home, without most of the bills & responsibilities of an adult with a family. ;)

      Still trying to juggle that and get more painting and (especially!) gaming in.