30 November 2016

Premature Deadcembulation and the Nun Superman

I've kept going premature Deadcember painting and prep work. Here's what's new.

I found a few more skeletons to paint, three more Nightmare Legion, Kreuger from the Cursed Company, and five identical old armoured skeletons. I've decided to put some on individual bases for flexibility. I also trimmed & cleaned the bits for other 16 plastic skeletons. Not sure if I will get to those. I painted a bit too. The big guys are almost done -- the skeletal daemon and the four skeletal ogres.

I'm not a major Oldhammer collector, by any means. But as a fan of old figures, and Empire in particular, I know the rarity of the elusive Nuln Spearman. So when I heard there was one on eBay, I wanted to watch the bidding as a spectator. I follow eBay on my phone, because it's a rare example of a really great mobile app that offers a better interface than the equivalent web site. When I typed my search into the app, I was amused at the alternate "Did you mean: ...?" suggestion. In hindsight, I'm a little curious what those (2 items) are.


  1. I know where three of those ogres come from (2 from RPE), one I bought in a limited run on Facebook and looks gorgeous), but where's the fourth from?

    1. That would Slanga, from Krakon Games:


  2. I will watch your future progress with considerable interest.

  3. What do the nuln spearmen look like?