19 November 2016

KoW: the Gateway Game, and Some Deadcember Planning

Kings of War

Holy crap, I'm going to slip in a THIRD day of gaming this year! Here's my 1500 points of Kings of War, Kingdom of Men "Multiversal Marienburgers" army. I'm starting to consider a (my) version of Marienburg as another iteration of Moorcock's Tanelorn.

I'm also going to try introducing a friend to miniatures gaming soon. We've played boardgames and RPGs together. I think Kings of War will make an excellent "gateway" game to get into miniatures. I measured everything out and, as small as our new house is, I'm pretty sure I can temporarily set up a gaming table in the dining room. So I brought up the idea, we just need to see when our schedules can work out time for a game.


I'm kind of getting into some of these painting themes... Orctober, Deadcember, Month of Marsh, and my own April Whatever I'm Going to Paint Giants. I totally failed at Deadcember last year (and didn't even realize that it was already a thing -- I thought I had made it up!) As with 2015, the end of the year is already a non-painting fustercluck. November has been pretty dry. But maybe I can turn it around in Deadcember? Going to be tricky...

Here's what I've got prepped: 4 skeletal ogres, 8 remaining Nightmare Legion skeletons, , an oldschool Ral Partha skeletal balrog, 10 old Citadel wight cavalry, the Lord of the Feast, my vulture-man sculpt, and I have a painted skeleton giant that needs a base. I think I have a Citadel mounted wight lord I should probably prep, too -- awesome figure.


  1. That's a nice bunch of stuff to paint. You may have noticed I cracked and got another bunch of Nightmare Legion to put in my own army?

    Good luck "converting" your gaming buddy. There's an increasing number of popular miniatures based board games around which offer a halfway step, but I think most people who'll sit at a board game for 2 or 3 hours would happily push regiments around a table. The barrier is usually the idea of having to do all the hobby stuff and spend all the money required to play a wargame. And I think I've just talked myself into having another go at converting a few of my own friends...

  2. I've got enough figures, terrain, etc. to host a game. So I'm hoping that lowers the barrier. Plus, I miss the old days where our weekly game club meeting was generally a game run by a third party GM, rather than the usual one on one style games. Maybe the key to starting that is with new players...?

    Man... you're going to make me feel guilty about those Nightmare legion. :) Haha.

  3. KoW is a real game, I wonder if nowadays gamers really need more depth than that in a war gamw.

    Deadcember - I just hear people talking about it. No clue what it really is.

    1. I like elegant rules, where you get all of the effects and feel of a wargame in a clear and efficient way. KoW seemed like it was missing a few things, based on a few readings of the rules. But I figured it was worth trying, and I admit it works very well. The few faults I find in the game are acceptable in the "big picture" of how the game plays out.

      Deadcember is just an excuse/motivation to paint minis with a dead (undead) theme for the month.

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