12 September 2008

Random Thoughts

This week I picked up two of the new GW washes, Black and Delvan Mud. I've heard a lot about them and thought I'd see for myself. I actually quite like them, though they're very thin. I will still use some stronger black washes of regular paint in some cases. I will most likely pick up a few more colors next week. I'm hoping to find a replacement for the now discontinued Flesh Wash. I may go back to using Coat d'Arms' Flesh Wash, which I preferred anyway. (The reason I quit using it was just lack of a local source.)

I'm currently reading Richard Vaughan's "John the Fearless," the second book in his series on the dukes of Burgundy. John's one of the reasons I'm considering the previously mentioned HYW era Burgundian WAB army. I like John. He's a ruthless S.O.B.

The Marauders tournament is fast approaching and I've barely started the figures I want to have done for it. Two half painted horses. That's it. I still need the riders and 25 swordsmen to assemble and paint. I'm just not motivated. But the weather seems like it will be crappy all weekend, so perhaps I will get something done.

1 comment:

  1. Ogryn Flesh is a good substitute for flesh wash. Sepia is a less intense color choice that works well on skin too.