05 September 2008

Next Project?

I've been taking it easy and not painting much in the past month. I've worked on a little terrain and a few odds and ends, but that's about it. I am contemplating my next moves.

First, I would like to finish 25 more WFB Empire swordsmen in time for the Marauders Mayhem tournament in early October. They'll need to match the swordsmen I've already done. I also need to add two more pistoliers to match the existing five I've been using. I'm also working on painting a few things for a friend to pay off my Historicon room & board debt, and should be done shortly. (That's actually a bit of an unintended joke - they're WFB dwarves.)

After that, I have several options for projects...

  1. Burgundians. I've got some more archers and cavalry, as well as a unit halberdiers. This would wrap up the army at 2250 points +/- and start pushing towards 2500 and beyond. I've also go some pike... see item 2...
  2. Low Countries. I've picked up some Low Countries pikemen to use in the Burgundian army. This has led me to consider a complete Low Countries army as well. So I could begin working on this, which would both compliment and oppose the Burgundians. I could also use them for a slightly earlier period, which could also lead to the dark horse, item 3...
  3. More Burgundians. I've been contemplating some earlier Burdungian - early 15th century, Hundred Years War era. Not certain on this, it may sit on the back burner for a while, since I already have figures for most of the other possible projects in this list.
  4. Ancients. I'm considering a classical army, probably some sort of barbaric horde. I'd really like early Germans, but the new plastic Celts have made Gauls look a whole lore more affordable. This might also give me a wider historical range in order to hopefully find opponents for WAB or other ancient/medieval games.
  5. WFB. I've got Empire & Skaven to respectable (though by no means "complete") levels. But lately I've been itching to screw around with something that doesn't involve hundreds of figures on the table. Partly it's just me looking for a little variety, partly it's cynicism about the direction the rules have recently taken. Most likely candidate is Wood Elves, largely because I've already got 95% of the figures I'd need. I also have a theme concept in mind. WFB also has the bonus of being the only game for which I have regular opponents.
  6. Warmachine. I really like some of the figures and the concept behind the game. I've also enjoyed the games I've played. So I could always finish up the Cryx force I've started and/or the starter Khador force I recently aquired. I could probably even dig up an opponent or two, with a little effort. My fear is that once I get into some more hardcore games, I won't dig the rock-paper-scissors nature of the game so much. But at least the figures are still great.

Honestly, WFB is easiest (practically only) game I can find opponents for, but the historicals (especially medievals) are the ones I'm most interested in.

But I haven't decided what I'd like to do.


  1. If you don't mind a bit of a road trip, Adepticon will be having two days of WAB tournaments in April- 2K singles and 1K doubles.

  2. I'll seriously consider Adepticon.

    I'm be curious to see how many players they get and which are used.

    One thing I liked about Historicon (and the other HMGS-E tournaments) is that they break it down by period when possible.

    Still, my choice of project may be determined more by *local* gaming opportunities, is what I meant. ;)

  3. 08 was the first year for WAB at Adepticon with a turn out of less than 10 players for each event, but we are hoping for a bigger turn out this year. Gaming by period might happen - depends on how many people show up.

    If you would like more details, just email me at:
    ChicagoTerrainFactory (at) Gmail.com