29 September 2008

Marching to Kettering

Captain General of Marienburg. Or something like that.

Also a standard bearer for the unit of swordsmen I'm trying to finish in time for Marauders.

I made the standard with plasticard & plastic tube, like on Imperial Forge's page (Is it down? I was going to post a link!)

Ideally I'd like to add something else, either a lion or some nautical blazon, or possibly just s simple cross of St. Andrew (like on landsknecht banners) But since I'm on a tight schedule to finish in time for the GT, I'm OK with this for now.

I've got less than 10 days left an still have 8 swordsmen half finished, and 10 more swordsmen about 20% finished. Doesn't seem like alot, but I've been moving slow lately, so I'm worried. And I also have a display board to build!


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