10 September 2009

W-E "double surprise," WF Romans, Space Hulk

Space Hulk

I feel like putting my fingers in my ears and going, "nanananananaaaa... I can't hear you." Except it's mostly reading and I don't feel like poking my eyes out.

Everyone's talking about Space Hulk and it sounds great. I picked up the box at the local store and it weighs a ton.

I'd love to get it, but I really can't justify the price.

I feel like I should add a "Not Spending $100 on Space Hulk" tag to my blog. :/

Wargames Factory Romans

In the opposite direction, I just bought a few more boxes of Romans because of the $9.99 one day sale. Hard to pass it up. I can now field a core of 6 x 18 legion plus allied/auxiliary/support troops for two Roman armies. As soon as I get them painted, I plan on running some "De Bellis Civili" demo games. They may jump to the head of my painting priorities, especially since I think I can do them fairly quickly.

Warhammer-Empire.com "surprise"

Soth has the figures, so I'm going to go ahead and post my pic here. Rumor on the Warhammer-Empire.com forum has it that Cisse has photos of all the figures to be posted soon.

A step back: I took part in the second "Pleasant Surprises" figure exchange at W-E. Everyone taking part secretly gets assigned another participant from the forum and makes a figure specifically and secretly for them, then sends it off in the mail. I previously posted my contribution, for Cannon of Doom.

Warhammerlord Soth is the organizer/motivator behind the exchange. So this year, as a surprise and thank-you, a couple of the other forum members (Cisse & Dihenydd) secretly asked everyone participating if they'd like to contribute a figure representing their self to send as a thank-you for Soth. The idea, as I understand it, was to form a W-E "mercenary" unit or two for him. Obviously there would be a few command figures required, and I accepted the offer as a musician. Fitting, since I'm more of a lover than a fighter. ;)

So below are pics of my contribution of my self portrait as an Empire soldier:

My intent was to incorporate elements of my own appearance, my "forum presence" in regard to my user icon and fondness for Marienburg, and (obviously) the Empire figures. I had wanted to sculpt an olive in the martini glass, but had to settle for painting one on both the inside and outside, which I don't think turned out too bad.


  1. Sounds like you had the same kind of day I had. I really wanted to buy a copy of Space Hulk, but couldn't justify the price. Plus, I heard that it's a limited run and they won't been supporting it after they're all gone. Another reason to hate GW!

    I bought a couple of sets of Romans as well, you can't beat the price!

    Nice conversion by the way!

  2. Thanks.

    I don't really hate GW. I just think they're pushing the limits on their already high prices. Some see it as paying a premium price for premium product, but there are plenty of board games for half that price.

    The argument goes that the plastic figures make it a "bargain" except that is only the case when:

    1. Compared to their own overpriced figures.

    2. If you're using them for 40k or some other game (I would not be.)

    3. If you like them (Heresy, but I don't like the figures that come with the game.)

  3. Oh yea I went for 8 boxes of romans. I wanted a full cohort, a total of 480 with what I have painted. Its hard to hate GW the feelings come and goe for me. Im a miniature junkie and they got good stuff. Its not them its my perception that is slightly distorted.