21 September 2009

Marauders Mayhem

Everything's submitted for Marauder's Mayhem "Autumn Rage."

I sent my list in before the weekend. I had been running a similar Empire (Marienburg) list for over a year, then started "up-powering" it by dropping the vulnerable & useless infantry, and adding in stuff like Steam Tanks & War Altars. It worked. I started winning more games. Some of them fairly easily.

For Marauders, I've not only scaled back down, but I've started heading back to my original concept for the Marienburg themed army, in which I leave out a lot of the specifically "Empire" elements. So no tanks, no war altar, not even any rockets. I'm testing a few quirky things out in the list. I haven't actually tried them in a game yet, but submitted the list anyway, figuring if I'm going to lose, at least I will lose with style. If I win a lot, then I'm still doing that with style, but also with one hand tied behind my back. ;)

I just wish I could have got a unit of Birdmen painted up in time, so I could fight with two hands firmly tied behind my back. I'm on a tight schedule to paint a fellow "Team BREWS" member's figures in time for Marauders, though, so I can only use what I've already painted for my own army.

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