01 September 2009

Time for a New Game Table

Summer is winding down, as Cleveland's weather has reminded us the past few days. September will still be fairly busy, but I'd like to start up my long-talked-about Game Night at my place.

For miniatures games, I've been using an old set of 2x4 terrain boards on top of our dining room table. I previously posted a photo of a 3000 point WFB game in progress, during the "Crisis in Marienburg" campaign that was played in my dining room.

It's worked OK, though I'm always nervous about tipping the table. The dining room is nice and roomy. The terrain boards are not too heavy, and are stored in the basement.

But I am considering two things. First, the terrain boards need replaced. Either with four new 2x4 boards, or a 2x4 and a pair of 3x4 boards. The swampy boards in the photo were done with some particular skirmish games in mind. I'd like something plain. I'm debating about whether or not to glue a layer of sand, and then paint and flock to match my usual basing (and the swamp boards, and my terrain, etc.) or whether to just paint the flat to match.

I'd like to do the sand, but that's quite a bit of extra effort and I fear the possibility of warping. I would be using 3/4" plywood, but I believe that's the size of the last boards and they warped. But it would definitely look better.

The second thing I'm considering scheming is how to get a permanent game room/space somewhere in the house. I've got a couple of options, but all have their negatives. Ideally I'd sort out both at the same time, as a permanent space (or even semi-permanent) would involve me making different decisions about what to do for the table. But I may just have to be satisfied with the dining room temporary accommodations for now. Perhaps more thoughts on that in the future...


  1. I've been considering reorganizing my painting room,taking out the love seat and my round paint table(it was our first dining room table) and adding several of the smaller dimension folding tables that I can take down when not needed.

  2. I think we just need to live in our own house, so I could use part of a basement or attic.

    In terms of painting space, I'm currently using a large drafting table and it's really too large. That's not really a functional problem, and it does give me enough room for taking photos too. But it also encourages me to leave too much stuff all over the desk.