30 December 2010

Painting Quickies

Contemporary art? This is part of my pallette after painting a bunch of figures with rusty metal armour and weapons.

I get out three colors: a rich medium/dark brown, a solid orange, and bright silver. I get a different mix of one, two or three of those paints every couple brush strokes, and do a little bit of rough blending on the figure. I try to concentrate more orange & brown at the spots where rust and dirt are more likely to collect, more silver on the sharp or worn edges. Variety of color is good for old, dirty & rusty weapons.

After that I will give it all a black or dark brown wash. The ubiquitous GW Badab Black or Delvan Mud are both good for this. After that dries, I will do a little bit of light highlighting on select edges and planes with straight silver.

I've recently started doing something looooong overdue with my paints. I've been saving my many (many many...) empty GW wash jars (see above) and using them to mix paints that fall between two commonly used colors. This is helping cut down on time and wastes where I would normally mix on the pallette. Since I usually thin most paints as I use them, for better flow, I've cut to the chase and added a bit of Future floor polish and some Reaper anti-shine fluid to the jar.

I've done this for four of my most common "custom" mixes so far and have been very happy with the results and convenience so far.

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