07 March 2011

Basing (and Re-basing?)

I'm itching to paint up my Macedonians/Diadochi. Logically, I'd like to start with the pike. But there is one issue on which I can not decide: Basing.

Right now I feel like my preference in rules are in Limbo, and this will not be decided for some time. I think WAB is dying a slow death, and I'm not certain it has much to offer anymore. There are a number of sets on the horizon (mostly this year) including Hail Caesar (Warlord), Clash of Empires (Great Escape), War and Conquest (Scarab) plus I'd still still like to give Crusader (Crusader) a try. I've read the rules several times, never played yet. I've also heard a lot of good things about Impetus, and I still enjoy DBA, though I haven't played it in a long time.

So, that leaves me with several basing options...

1. Individual basing.
2. Linear basing (close to WRG)
3. Square/cluster basing (four heavy infantry per 40x40mm base)

I think I know the answer is #1, as it allows the most freedom. I just hate dealing with individual bases. But everything is magnetized, so I can make secondary bases on which to stick them as needed. Also, I can continue painting now instead of waiting for the next couple years to settle on a set of rules

I currently use a combination of #1 & #2, so if I want to play rules that don't conform (like Crusader) I will already have to adapt to my basing anyway. Either that or go back and rebase the WRG style figures. And I think many of us know how much fun rebasing is.

Really I'd just like to get over the basing stress and get my pikemen painted.


  1. Ah basing dilemmas.... my eternal nemesis...

    I feel your pain. Best of luck!

  2. I hate basing. I have hundreds of miniatures waiting for this stage.

  3. I used to base everything on individual bases for that chance to skirmish... just in case. But these days, I'm much more into mini-diorama basing. Especially for units of troops that fight in groups; it's fun to put dead or dying figures, terrain elements, and just the not-perfectly-spaced distances between figures. I find that with the single bases it's virtually impossible to get a realistically deployed group of troops...

    But yeah, I feel your pain as well.

  4. I feel that basing is "The Wargamers Curse."

    I agree, I enjoy group basing for that "diarama" look as well. My Skaven army for WFB, and my Germans and Celts, for example, have a lot of group bases so they look like a disorganized mob rather than drilled troops on parade.

    I think I'm a little more lenient with the organized look in trained troops like a Roman legion or Macedonian phalanx.

    I do think I'm going to go with a mix of single bases and triple based (vaguely WRG style) bases for the pikemen.

    Now to finalize color choices!

  5. you could always go 20mm bases, and then have sabots/movement trays for situations where you need something larger.