04 March 2011

Munny Tree & Vinyl Show

Looks like we're allowed to submit two at the upcoming vinyl toy show. Submissions are being taken tomorrow afternoon. Looks like I finished my Munny Tree just in time!

For those not familiar, each blank Munny toy comes with a "Hello My Name Is" sticker with a silver foil seal with a line drawing of a Munny and the motto "Seal of Munny" or something like that. Since I've split this one, body as one toy, head as another, and I'm using the name tag with the previously completed Rabbid Squabbit, I made a new one... in theme... from ink stained wood.

I'm still getting settled into the Stoodii, so my lighting arrangement for taking photos sucks. But for what it's worth (as usual, click to enlarge)....

1 comment:

  1. For some reason,"Vlad Dracul" comes to mind.Maybe its that damned t-shirt that somebody we know wears.