08 April 2011

Dipping Experiment - Continued

I'm pretty happy with the results of my Minwax dipping experiment, and my subsequent home-brewed dip experiment (see below.)

So here are the Carthaginians, post-dip. After the dip, I painted the shields using a quick three layer technique (hard to see the shading, the photo washed out the white.) And finally I added a layer of matte varnish. I just used Krylon UV Protection Matte. I thought I might have to pull out the "big guns" of matte varnish (Testors) but it doesn't seem necessary. These are simple figures with a lot of mail, but overall I'm happy with the results. The only minor change I should have made was using a different color for the spears.

As a result of discussion of my attempts at replicating GW's Delvan Mud wash in the replies to my last entry, I took some anonymous advice and sought out a bottle of Ceramcoat Dark Burnt Umber. I found it at the local craft store for a whopping $0.79 and it is perfect. Far darker than any of the other browns I currently have, but a bit warmer than black.

I mixed up a batch of Future, water, DBU (dark burnt umber) and a bit of anti-shine additive and applied it to the figure below. It was a little two thin, so I added more DBU the the mix and gave it another coat before the first had fully dried. I probably should have used another figure, but I was impatient. So the results look good. I think I need to fine tune the mix a bit (maybe less/no water?) and apply it to a fresh figure. But I'm optimistic.

I have labeled the bottle with this mix, "Substance D" -- as in "D"evan Mud replacement (and "D"ark Burnt Umber.) But also because I am a Philip K. Dick fan, ans Scanner Darkly is one of my favorite books.

So here's my plan, then.... I'm going to try some more figures using both my Substance D and the Minwax. Then I hope to make use of "dipping" one some of the piles of rank and file troops that have backed up in my collection and get them on the battlefield.


  1. Great stuff!!
    So when can we expect to see Substance D on the shelves??

  2. good plan, I think this make rank and file troops a breeze to paint in no time.
    Peace James

  3. I've been using Miniwax Tudor stain recently - with good results. I'm a convert. Regards, Dean

  4. @ Ray: Aha! See, the beauty of the recipe is that anyone can make it themselves. Inexpensively, without a bit markup from someone like me. ;)

    @ James: It has really hit me recently just how many figures have sat around unused for years because I don't get around to painting them. Especially when I spend so much time painting for other people. I think I'm convinced that this is part of my solution. I've already had my first game with the long awaited Carthaginians. (Now to work on my Macedonians next!)

    @ Dean: I just saw your photos of your gauls -- they look great. I'm using Walnut. Do you know if Tudor is darker or lighter?