04 April 2011

Landsknecht Pikemen

I finally finished the Old Glory landsknecht pikemen I've had. Again, I sort of "speed painted" them. While they're not as crisp as Artizan or Foundry, they are very nice figures. In fact, I'd say some of the best Old Glory figures I've painted. The castings were very clean as well, and required minimal cleanup.

My photography, sadly, is not as clean or nice. But here are a pair of photos of the group.

I still need to add a banner (or two) and find a suitable leader and musician. Foundry and Artizan look too bulky to mix in to the unit, and the few TAG figures I've got are too small & lean. Anyone have a spare Old Glory leader (or halberdier) and musician?

These figures will also be seeing use in WFB, as I will be starting to use the fan written Dogs of War book. They'll possibly see battle in the my Empire army, as spearmen, too. Both Empire and DoW are going to be "Marienburg" armies, just with different rules.

I've also broken my own stoodio rule (lasted all of a month and a half at the new place) and allowed my latest art critic / assistant in. Milo likes to sit on my lap and point at where I should paint while I'm working figures. When I'm at the easel he just headbutts and paws at my shins while trying to engaging me in conversation.


  1. They look great! Where are the pikes from?

  2. lol, I have an assistant who does much the same but like to attack the end of the brush I am using if I ignore her
    Peace James

  3. Those look great! Good to hear they are good figures, although the lack of suitable command is a problem. I assume that GW figures would be too large? What about the new Perry mercenaries?

  4. Nice job, I painted loads of these up a few years ago and totally agree they are very nice figures and quite easy to paint, apart from the jumbo calves!

  5. Castigator: I made the pikes myself from uncoated steel florist wire. I flatten the tip, then two snips to cut it to a point.

    I did buy some premade pikes from Northstar for my upcoming Macedonians.

    James: He did that once or twice. I believe that was in his "critic" role, telling me I was using the wrong color or something. ;)

    Lasgunpacker: OG does make a command pack, but it's 30 figures. I need 2, since this is the only unit of their pike I have (At least for the moment. I picked them up at a flea market.)

    I've got some Artizan, Foundry and GW command figures, but they are all larger & bulkier. I have a TAG halberdier I can use as a leader, but he's noticeably smaller & thinner. I do have the Perry mercenary box, but haven't put any together. I may look into that. Or I may just use one of the larger figures and live with the oddly large leader & musician in the unit.

    Ray: Yes, that seems to be common to a lot of the OG figures. At least on the landsknechts its hidden by all the puff & slash.

  6. Lovely bit of brush work! These OG Landsknechtes look pretty good when given a nice paint job like yours.


  7. Nice work; great looking units. Dean