24 April 2011

Dipping and Bitching


I've made my next experiment with dipping. I've headed back to my Paint Machine Project blog for this, as I tracked my time and it seemed appropriate to post there, as that was the whole point of starting that project. My comments are there, in my latest entry. I won't elaborate here, other than to say that I think a bit more experimentation will be done.

Well, that and I'm not sure why I am still referring to it as "dipping" as there is no dipping going on, other than a brush dipping into the wash medium.


This is just a bit of an overflow of my bitching elsewhere. But I think my interest in WFB is hitting an all time low. I think I've even got over the 8th edition blues. Well, I still think 6th/7th were better, but I just accepted that 8th edition was the reality of the current game and I came to a state of acceptance.

I think that the current focus on tournaments and competitive play is just pushing my interest further down. I play wargames for the mental challenge (I view the games like a kinetic puzzle, evolving on the tabletop between two or more players,) but also for fun and relaxation. Right now there seems to be too much of a focus on the "meta game" and list building, too little on pushing figures around and rolling dice. Tournaments that were previously relaxing social events are becoming a source of arguments and bitching about determining a "winner" and/or bitching about whoever was decided as the "winner." This is all spilling over into local "friendly" games which, it seems, are now being dictated by this competitive environment.

That's fine for the people who are really into that. I guess it's just not my thing. So I think I've decided I'm done with tournaments, and I'm bordering being done with WFB entirely.


  1. I quit individual tournaments years ago for the exact reasons you gave. Try team based campaign weekends were you still get the chance to meet other people without the winner takes all attitude. I do this historical gaming and WFB I only ever play in clubs. I'm gradually converting the players at our club into historical players and soon hope to virtually eliminate WFB in time.



  2. I can really relate to this post. Fed up with competitive gaming, I stopped playing everything for about a year and a half starting in 2007. When I came back to it, I made sure to find communities of mature players of like minds: primarily interested in playing as a social event, tactical complexity of gaming, and for showing off hobby work.

    It meant that I wasn't playing Warhammer anymore, but it was worth it. That being said, Kings of War is a great little free rule set that you can use your Warhammer armies for. It's not at all about list building, it's easy to play, but it's tactically (at least) as complex as Warhammer!

    There are a number of lists from Mantic, and also other lists made by people (I made a human and lizard list, and other have made many more), and also three historical supplements!



  3. I should make it clear that on a personal level, I like all the local guys I play (or played) WFB with. In fact, they're a really great bunch of people.

    But I think there is just a difference between what we're looking for in a game. I am more of a "hobby" guy, who enjoys the modeling, social and other aspects of the game equally with the competition. But for many of the others, the competition seems to be the focal point of the game.

    That combined with my already ambivalent feelings towards 8th edition just seem to be spelling the death of my interest in WFB.