17 May 2015

Basic Table Done

I ended up going a little oldschool with the paint scheme. I've been digging some of the Oldhammer aesthetics I've been seeing around various fora & blogs lately. I did run out of green paint before I had planned on finishing, though.

One of the collateral benefits of terrain projects is that I get to grind some green paint into cheap brushes, which gives me a new batch of tall grasses to use for bases and other terrain pieces.


  1. Looking good! Now you just need a few hills, rocks, and forest bits and you are ready for a game!

  2. Thanks!

    I still have most of my old terrain, which matches. Not all of it photographed, but some is here:


    I am planning on doing some more. I was digging around in the attic yesterday, but can't find the remaining Armorcast buildings I never painted. I have some tree kits of unknown manufacture that I'd finally like to put together, too.

    Since I'm going to try a narrative campaign type thing, I'm going to need to sketch out a few specific tables for some scenarios before making anything else, though.