15 May 2015

New Table WIP

I've decided to start working on a gaming table in the attic. After (far too much) consideration, I decided to go for a quick & easy solution first, with the option to switch to one of my more complex ideas later. This has several benefits: I will get a decent gaming surface in play pretty quickly, and everything can be "upgraded" in phases. So before I started overthinking, I picked up the minimal basics while I was running some errands today: one more set of cube shelves and two flush hollow core interior doors. Next step will be to texture and paint them. I've already got the glue & sand from a previous project.

Here's a couple of pics of them in place. Please excuse the mess. I'm still in the process of cleaning, unpacking, setting up & organizing the attic. My painting/sculpting table off in the opposite corner, on the left side of the second photo.


  1. Looks like a nice set up, although I am sure I would crack my head on that ceiling a few times a day...

    and for an attic, it seems to have great light!

  2. Haha. I'm used to getting around up there, though I usually keep to the center of the room. We'll see how well I do. I was thinking about making a couple of low stools, since the table top is slightly lower than a typical table as well.

    The light is decent, especially considering that is the only window. Unfortunately, because it is the only window (and the awful "insulation") I will be partially filling it with a portable AC unit, otherwise the attic would be unusable in Summer.

    However, it's definitely better than no room at all, and although it has taken a few years to start cleaning it out, I'm feeling pretty good about it!