06 May 2015

Skeletal Elite

Finished the first small unit of skeletal elite. Only two fit on a base, which is fine. As long as they appear to have the same "mass" as the other formed units, I'm OK with that. I ended up going back and "dusting" the bottom of the robes, and giving the the edges of the armor & weapons a bit more detail. I like the way they turned out, and think they will look good with the army. I may do another set like this at some point in the future. But I've still got plenty of other stuff I'd like to get done first.

I have been re-thinking the "good guys." I already have some metal (Front Rank, Grenadier, Perry) and plastic (Perry) late 15th century medieval figures that I am considering using as my starting force of militia/levy/men-at-arms instead of my old WFB army. I like this idea for a few different reasons. The landsknecht style figures can still be introduced later on as mercenaries, and I can continue to paint them as my mood dictates.

For now, I should probably finish up the Undeadish and skeletal cavalry that are still sitting on my painting table first, though.


  1. Those big guys look great, even two to a base.

    Have I mentioned that it is great that you are painting again? Well it is.

  2. Thanks -- both for the comment on the figures and my being back. I really missed painting, as well as gaming. I've also missed the social aspect of it -- friends with similar interests. I still can't quite manage to get to shows or play games at the moment, so I'm glad I haven't been forgotten in the online community! :)

    I do most of my personal internet reading mobile devices anymore, so I just installed an RSS reader (I'm trying Feedly, since Blogger doesn't seem to work well for following blogs on mobile) and hope to keep up with all of the blogs I like to follow again!

  3. Certainly not forgotten.

    I have also been reading blogs on a phone lately, and while it displays pages just fine, the blogger home page display of followed blogs is broken somehow and only shows the top three without the ability to scroll the screen... very odd.