25 August 2015

Four Dwarfs, a Jabberwock, and a Half Finished Halfling

With these four dwarfs finished, I can now field a full unit. (Maybe a unit photo next update?) Disappointed that the camera really flattened the colors. I'm quite proud of the bright highlights on these guys. ;)

And just to prove that I've finally started painting that Westfalia sample halfling....

While waiting for paint to dry on the above figures, I worked on the Citadel jabberwock. Again, the camera sort of washed out the color. Hard to tell, but I added some nice sickly purples & yellows on this, rather than sticking with the usual  neutral greys of most of the undeadish.


  1. Interesting colour choice on the jabberwocky, I think it looks great!

  2. Like the figs, Nice. The Jabberwocky certainly catches the eye.

  3. That Jabberwocky is exquisite! You really captured the puckered face.
    And your dwarves are brilliant - those are some of my favourite Marauder models.

    You mentioned that you were unhappy with the way their colours got flattened in the photography. It doesn't look so bad to me at all - but one thing you could try if you're still concerned is to experiment with your photographic background. I found that moving from a grey background to a heavily graduated blue background had a marked effect:


  4. Thannk you, all!

    Timothy: Hahaha!

    Matthew: I will look into that. I am currently using a very light blue background, just some matte paper from the art store. The example on your blog is great!

    I can correct the colors a bit in Photoshop, but what's bothering me is that the subtle highlighting gets flattened down, and the more vivid highlighting gets exaggerated. I seem to be losing some of the mid-tones, perhaps?

    Going to work on it. I think that I may be over-lighting a bit, too. I backed the light off a bit on photos today and they seem a little better.

  5. Jabberwock is great, makes me want to get one for myself.