17 August 2015

Nighmare Legion, Townsfolk, Table Set-Up

My sleep has been screwed up this week, so I was up late the past few nights. Figured it would be a good time to wrap up enough of the Nightmare Legion to field a basic unit . Still two more 40mm bases to paint, which will have the four command figures and more troops.

Also, just because I wanted to see how my forces were shaping up, I set up a table. I think this helped boost my spirit a bit regarding gaming. I'm still not sure how/what/when I will do in terms of actual gaming. But at least I can feel like I'm doing something that looks pretty decent on a table.

I'm waiting on the owner of the previously posted elf griffin to stop by to pick it up, so I left it threatening a flank in the meantime.

Another project I've been working on for months, this one is part of a trade deal for some old figures. One or two little details I'm still going to add, but just about done.

One last shot... a couple of townies of my own. Old Citadel miniatures.

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