07 August 2015

Trays of Marienburgers and Miscellaneous Critters

Rather than rebase the Marienburgers that are already painted, I've decided to just make some simple trays for them. Here are the first two prototypes, loaded full of sword & buckler men.

I stripped the fuzzy primered (but unpainted) Nightmare Legion and have started painting them. No pics yet.

I also stripped a few other things.

Like the old Grenadier "dragonfly" in the center. The green jabberwock in the back (old Ral Partha) is currently soaking in Simple Green. The CItadel jabberwock to the left is in the earliest stages of being painted in this pic. He was also the mystery figure previously shown in the jar of Simple Green. The insectoid thing with a goblin rider is from one of those 90s games... Chronopia? Celtos? Leviathan? I can't remember. I included him in the pic because I have a second one that I would like to paint up, but without a rider. I think these will all make a good batch of strange critters to be wandering around the marshy Wasteland.


  1. Great looking Marienburgers. Coincidentally I was musing the thought of rebasing (multi-figure) my Empire guys, but decided against it for a couple of reasons. One that they are glued directly to their GW 20mm squares and I can't see getting them off without a high casualty count (foot injuries).

  2. I think the biggest reason for me was simply a matter of time. I'd rather be doing 100 other things. It just took a while to convince myself to get over a mild case of Basing Consistency Disorder, a common affliction among wargamers. ;)

  3. I know that you had expressed an interest in using Hail Caesar for fantasy-have you seen Shadow Storm,which is a pretty good looking free supplement,written by one of the Warlord guys.Apparently Rick Priestly gave it his blessing.

  4. I read through most of the Shadow Storm rules (only skimmed the magic section) and liked them enough that I think I will end up giving those a try first, instead of Legion of Battle. I still think both options look good, but I like most of what Shadow Storm already had laid out. I'll probably make a few minor tweaks when I give it a go.

    In case anyone sees this and is wondering, here's Shadow Storm: http://adyswargamesden.com