01 February 2016

Fomorian Heads - Round 1

I was impatient to see what how the cast heads look, so I quickly cleaned up and painted one of each head, separately mounted on a bit of wire.

On closer examination, they aren't as cleanly cast as they initially looked. I am doing all of this without a vacuum chamber or pressure pot (for now) so there seem to be some very minor bubbles in both the molds and a few of the castings. Given that this is my first time, and that they are so few and so small, I'm not at all disappointed. I only needed to do a quick bit of cleanup.

Painting them up also revealed some weak spots in the sculpting, which is helpful as I plan on doing more and this will help me recognize where to improve. I doubt I will cast more than a few of heads A & B. Head E looks a bit off -- I think the nasal holes were a bit mismolded or miscast, so I'm going to take a look at whether that needs a small repair before more casting. I'm pretty happy with C, D & F.

Should I share these heads?

When I first started, ac couple of people asked if castings would be available. I've been thinking about that. This is really just a personal project, and the quality of both sculpting and casting is still just an amateur/hobby level, at best -- and I'm still working out the bugs of casting for the first time, too! Besides, it's a niche interest within one corner of a niche hobby. But I'm considering doing a one time evening cast-a-thon, set aside what I need, and then making the remainder available for a small price (to help cover materials, postage, and maybe put a bit towards the phase...) or for trades.

I do plan on sculpting and casting a few more heads. And I'm working on some tails, and eventually I may try some cast feet as replacements for the specific figures I'm using in my project.

What do you think? Any interest? I'd like to get a feel for this before casting a bunch of extra heads. Should I wait until I get some tails cast too? (And feet?)


  1. Well, they look great to me. I do not know that I would be interested, but I suspect that others who are would want a "kit" to build a fomorian, so feet, tail and head, they supply the orc (or other miniature to be converted.

  2. THEY LOOK GREAT! I love the different expressions that you've given them. You really captured one of my favourite elements of 1980's/Oldhammer monsters: they always seem a little sad to me. (This is a digression, but Zhu wrote a great post recently about Fighting Fantasy Orcs, and how they often have this downtrodden look).
    Anyway, I'd be very much interested in getting heads, tails and anything else you cast.

  3. Thanks. I think the plan will be to cast up a small number of extra heads (and tails, and possibly feet when they're ready) for trade/sale.

    I hadn't thought about it specifically, but I really liked a lot of those sad old orcs & other critters! And I do like the idea of the Fimir/Fomorians as a bit of a "loser race," fallen far from power, forgotten by their former patrons, skulking in the mists just trying to get by with whatever they can, by whatever means they can.