18 February 2016

Goblins (and an Upcoming Skirmish?)

I placed a small order with Noble Knight Games for a few more of the Reaper Bones orcs, so I can convert some more Fomorians. After browsing the catalog I splurged on a few small items. Some more goblins for Zogmar's small but growing warband.

The little guys in the top photo are "Chaos Goblins" from RAFM. Quirky figures, but I like them & wish there were more than this single pack. I like the idea of goblins being a heterogeneous species, so I see no problems mixing styles.

I'm not 100% certain of the pedigree of the armoured guy with a helm to rival his massive sword (how he swings that without snapping his own neck, I don't know...) He's available from Ral Partha Europe, but I got a casting from ZN Games via Noble Knight. Unfortunately this one is resin. I'm trying to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Resin, but this wasn't the best example. He has a few bubbles, and it took three vigorous scrubs to get primer to adhere to the entire figure -- and even then I'm still hoping that it doesn't rub off. (I'm going to encase him in layers of varnish...)

Quick & dirty paint jobs. Literally. I used multiple black washes, hoping to get a dark & sinister look, and a somewhat oily appearance to the steel.

I also wanted to get them done quickly because I'm going to try putting together a simple solo skirmish, and wanted to have them available as possible villains/raiders. The heroes, travelling mercenaries defending a small village, will be all of the various figures I've received from other people via the Warhammer-Empire.com "Pleasant Surprises" figure exchange. (Except one, King, who will be on the opposing side for obvious reasons.) I have named them after their source/painters. 

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