04 February 2016

Ma Khorne & Little Oswald

The village matron affectionately known as “Ma Khorne” started the village orphanage after her husband, “Pop Khorne,” recently met his unfortunate and explosive demise on the wrong end of an Imperial fire mage and a halfling hotpot full of butter . In anger and sorrow (but mostly anger) she turned to the convent of the Sisters of Perpetual Bloodshed, where she has assumed the role of caretaker and disciplinarian (strict disciplinarian) of the village children whose parents have died or mutated to such a degree that they can no longer care for their own young. Here is Ma Khorne with Oswald, one of the adorable young tykes under her care.

This is my submission for the Oldhammer forum's 2016 Legacy project. This is the first time I'm participating. I love the concept (sort of like a figure lottery) and this year's theme: "C49 Chaos Villagers." 

My old chaos figures are/were mostly generic chaos figures, or Nurgle & Slaanesh once the RoC books came out. Khorne always seemed a bit dull to me, both in terms of painting and background. But I'm amused at the idea of devout Khorne followers trying to take part in village life. Unaligned mutants and followers of the other three major chaos powers, sure. But Khorne? So here they are. 


  1. Superb work -- I especially love those horns on Ma. The concept, however, is what tops it. I always new there was a kinder, gentler side to the Ruinous Powers.