25 July 2016

Black Scorpion Pirate Giant

In more positive news, just before I moved I scored an amazing deal on a figure I've wanted for a while, but has always been out of my price range. Even better is that it is really well painted. In fact, the paint job alone is worth twice what I paid. In fact, I'm pretty sure the figure retailed for around twice what I paid, so this was a super bargain. 

Photo doesn't do it justice. I don't have a painting & photo desk set up yet, so this was the best I could do. At least I knew where to find my reliable old reference figure, for scale!

After I uploaded the pic to photobucket, I noticed a similarity to another recent pic...

:) The resemblance is uncanny...


  1. Jumping Jehoshaphat - That is one huge miniature! He must have taken you forever -- he looks magnificent.
    As far as the resemblance goes... you've got a sort of Dorian Gray thing going on, I think.

    1. Not my work. He arrived that way. I would love to let whoever did paint it know how great I think it is!