30 July 2016


Start of a work desk. Maybe.

The new yard seems popular with my leporid brothers and sisters.

Still daydreaming about painting and games. Mostly still occupied with miserable shit.


  1. Stay strong!

  2. Kinda jealous that you've got some flat outdoor space, I miss having somewhere to put a shed and a vegetable patch like I had at my old place. Plenty of space here but it's all on a 45 degree slope!

    Nice bunnies, too :)

    1. There were grape vines and a small apple tree when we moved here, and we brought a small potted garden with us. From that, we will be transplanting a (massively) growing collection of strawberry plants to a new home in the yard. We're still sorting out plans for next year. It is nice to have room for a garden for the first time. (Hopefully the rabbits don't get it all.)