07 July 2016

Movin' Right Along (Goodbye Attic)

Movin' right along...

Well, the moving is more like this...

I'm in the process of packing the attic. Most of the pre-move cleaning and maintenance on the new house is done. Although we've been packing and moving stuff into storage for a couple weeks, I've finally hit the point where I need to pack the "active" areas of my art & gaming stuff. And it's bringing me down, more than just a little, because there's simply no room at the new house. Most of it's going into damp-basement storage, or being sold or trashed. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with some alternate ideas. I've been spoiled by the luxury (relatively speaking) of having this attic for the past few years. So I think I'm just having some adjustment issues -- as well as a bit of bitterness over the cause & conditions of this move.


  1. Really feel for you there. I build scenery with packing it tightly away in mind, but I've been lucky enough to never have to get rid of stuff due to insufficient space.

    1. Funny you mention that, I had just started a big, ancient/abandoned elf watchtower before all this happened. I have't had the heart to throw it away yet, but (sadly) that's probably going to be the most practical thing to do.

  2. That's a great space. I can totally understand your feelings having to give it up and the resulting consequences.

  3. I think this is one of the main reasons I dread moving.

    Hope you are able to figure something out at the new place (which may very well be move to another new place). Dehumidifier in the basement?

  4. I'm trying to come up with alternate plans, even if they're scaled down. Right now I'll be happy if I can manage a modest paiting desk and some safe storage.