24 July 2016

Settling In and an Uncertain Future

We're getting settled into the new house, while completing the last of the cleaning at the old house. Most of my stuff is in storage for now. I've been debating how to arrange a multi-function desk for both work, painting, etc. Even that is seeming like a daunting problem right now. I'm not even certain where will be much room for my books, etc. To be honest, it's starting to seem like it's going to be a giant hassle and I'm still not going to be able to play any actual games -- not only are games vs. others still out of reach (due to time/schedule impossibilities), but I no longer have anywhere to set up solo (or remote) games. So, for now everything's packed away anyway, I'm just going to see how things play out before considering going back into retirement.

I'm beginning to feel that the interests of my past are increasingly incompatible with the limitations of my current life & commitments.


  1. Sympathy, mate.

    I went through similar acid tunnel when the kid was born.
    Hope you'll manage to make it through with not much problem and pain... ;-)


  2. Bummer, but as they say, shit happens, you'll find a way when you feel the itch again.

  3. The problem is, I am still feeling the itch now. :/

  4. Oh dear, that's dismal. I genuinely feel for you.