05 August 2017

I've been wanting to get to work on the Westfalia halflings since I got them, but have been procrastinating (other than the crossbow unit) because of the bent spears & lances. So I finally tried hot & cold water (straight from the tap) to re-position one and it worked pretty well. So... looks like hobbit's back on the menu boys!

(Edit: Just straightened out the goat knight's lances and it was easier & quicker than expected!)

Pic's a little dark, but wanted to post it because they're an Oldhammer paradox for some - old, but blobby plastics! My friends & I never would have gotten nearly as deeply into WFB if it wasn't for the Fantasy Regiments and Skeleton Army/Horde boxes when we were young. The armies in our group and at the two area game stores also reflected this. Almost everyone played armies that could be bulked out with a couple units of plastics.

I recently got these two goblins and a few of each of the others in a box of stuff I won on eBay, and it's a fun bit of nostalgia


  1. The paint job you've given them makes them look quite modern given their heritage. I owned a fantasy regiment boxed set, but never got further than painting an orc - the rest soldiered on for years without so much as a lick of paint.

    1. Long ago I had 50-60 each of the Skaven & dwarfs as the core of those two armies. Had some of the others painted when I first got into the game but traded those off as more friends got interested & we started playing big games. Going to paint the rest of the few I just got for nostalgia. Maybe I should make some sort of display base with one of each on it!

  2. The tap water worked a treat. I have a bunch of those plastic regiment dudes and bought a few more sprues awhile back. I think they're great little figures for bulking out units.