13 August 2017

Wight Riders, Goat Knights

Finished a rushed paint job on this unit of old Citadel wight/skeleton cavalry. They were a rare eBay win, and they were (are) in somewhat rough shape -- but the price was unexpectedly reasonable.

One of the next items up on my desk are the Wesfalia hobbit goat knights. They're cleaned and half assembled, but I discovered I am out of slotted cavalry bases! First time I've ever been out of any sort of slotted base in... ever? So I'm not even sure where to buy them!

Any advice? I'd like a US source. Cheap. NO laser cut wood or MDF. Magnetic bottoms would be a bonus, but not essential as I've got a big roll of sheet magnet that I use for making my own.

SPEAKING (typing?) of Westfalia hobbits... I just got the Second Breakfast KS reward! My very modest haul included small units of the Merry Halfmen (scout archers), Merry Goats (archer goat cavalry), some villagers, and a few characters.

What I could really use is a second chance at getting some of the first KS hobbits.


  1. I like your bones colour. Great looking unit.

  2. They look good. I also really like the goat knights, can't wait to see them painted up. I bought a bunch of bases on ebay from this guy http://www.ebay.com/usr/grahamswuerkshoppe?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754 the price seemed decent at the time. Don't know if he has more or if it seems like a good deal to you.

  3. Well done, great you've managed to rescue those deaders.
    I remember I had black knights unit but really hated the models: right arms were falling off constantly during transport...

  4. Good to see the cavalry finished - they look ace! I love the Westfalia hobbits so look forward to see you paint them up. I was about to add that I wish they would make their Kobolds available for general sale, but decided to fact-check before I did - they're on the site now - woo hoo!