04 August 2017

Scout Rivalry

Eventually I will post a bit of backstory about these two units. I'm increasingly fond of creating a narrative behind the units I paint. These were painted with the idea of two rival units of scouts. One a group of bandits who appear suddenly, raid small settlements, then slip back into the woods. The other a group hunting them.

The B.F.G., lead by the Notorious G.O.B.
Mostly Westfalia steppe goblins, plus a couple of old plastic classics I recently found, lurlking in the background. (The latter don't really fit aesthetically and may end up being used elsewhere.)

Hawk's Blue Forrest Rangers
Black Tree Design minis, one of two flavors of halflings they sell.


  1. Brilliant! I like the darker skin on the goblins. Notorious G.O.B looks like a mean motor scooter.

  2. Ooh! I like these. As you know I have a bunch of those old plastic regiments gobbos peppered through my units. I think I will definitely be buying from Black Tree Design at some point.

  3. Yes, I think they still hold up pretty well as rank & file troops.

  4. Awesome work. I love your painting style. I add to my blog list and Invite You :)
    warm regards