12 March 2018

Marshing On...

I didn't expect to paint the trolls so quickly, so I didn't really have any further plans for the Month of Marsh. So I'm going to jump ahead to something that has been way down low on my list of priorities but came to mind for several reasons...

Animated bog corpses. I've quickly assembled ten for a quick test paint.

I've seen something similar done before (see Mr. Saturday...) Mine will be a bit different in appearance and background.

They should be quick to paint. They can fit with my Fomorians and (possibly) with my undead. I've also realized that I could use more lightweight rank & file for the Fomorians, without resorting to the Shearl idea from the WFB Fimir. As much as I am looking forward to seeing my half-orcs on the gaming table (I've become fond of those minis!) I would have preferred a couple of small units of bog corpses for KoW this weekend.

So I think it will be bog corpses for the remainder of Marsh. Unless I decide to unleash the paint on... Goremaw!

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