17 March 2018

St. Patrick's Day KoW

Played in a three round Kings of War tournament at Recess Games. 2500 points this afternoon.

In keeping with the holiday, I fielded my (Irish myth inspired) Fomorians using the ogre army rules. I had to field 2 giants, the bog demon (as a mammoth), and a unit of allied half-orcs (as humans.) I used the recently painted bog trolls as hunters. So still all themed with the army, just not exactly what I would have liked to field.

Lost all three games & came in dead last. (Further thoughts on my consistent crap performance in KoW in a future update...) But I had a good time & got best painted award. A few pics of my games...

Game 1 vs. Abyssals

Game 2 vs. Undead

Game 3 vs. Abyssal Dwarfs



  1. Sounds like my kind of performance in any form of competitive (and all other types) game. Good that you had fun - that’s the main thing.

  2. Best Painted Award, though? I'd rather get that than a tournament win! No amount of lucky dice rolls can paint your army for you ;)

    Glad you got to enjoy some games, even with the "wrong" army!

  3. Win, lose doesn't really matter. You got in three games, hooray. Best painted is pretty sweet too.