15 April 2018

Next Giant...

Next up for Big April '18 is the big guy from Heresy Miniatures. Was a very quick cleanup & assembly. Clean casting and fit together well. Didn't even bother pinning, as everything seemed keyed and/or seated very securely.

A pic next to the Marauder giant and my usual handgunner scale reference...

Need to wait for better weather to prime him. I'll also be back in Texas (Houston, this time) for most of this week, so I won't get to work on this one until next weekend, at the earliest.


  1. Another cool giant. I look forward to seeing this one as well.

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping I can finish him by the end of the month. (I think I will still finish him right away if I don't -- not going to wait a year like I did with that last giant!)