09 April 2018

Big April Progress - Warploque Drunk Walter Skank Jerk Matthau

Progress on the Warploque giant. Big colors blocked out, with various levels of shading & highlighting. Decided that the keg should be full of a nice rich porter. Still a lot of detail to work out on this guy!

As I'm painting, I can't get a certain old image out of my head (stolen internets image)...

...just swap the head with that of Walter Matthau (another stolen internets image)..


  1. That's pretty sweet. I didn't realize how animated the sculpt was. ;)

    1. One of the most dynamic giants I know of. As I was painting him, I through about how I wanted to swap out the doors he's using as shoes with a couple of wagons. I've had a standing plan to model a giant based on the WFB3 rules for wagon riding giants. Especially since I've never seen it done before! Would have to magnetize the wagon or some similar arrangement to make it removable...