31 October 2018

Half-Orc Arrival

I've put in a couple of really long weeks this month, which is part of the reason I didn't paint as many half-orcs as I would have liked this month. So I thought I deserved a few minis. Picked up a pack of minis to test for half-orciness.

They're Alternative Armies hobgoblin raiders. Shown here, from left to right... Mirliton hal-orc, Alt. Armies, Citadel RR15 hobgoblin, Alt. Armies, Black Tree Orc, Alt. Armies

Last night I was up to stupid o'clock working on one small detail for our office decorating contest...


  1. The cut off thumb made me jump! It really Looks the part

    1. Haha! Thanks, I had initially planned on doing something quick & cartoony, but it I got lost in the process of creating it and it turned out way more realistic (more so than the photos show) and has creeped out a lot of people. I'm pretty happy with that. ;)