27 October 2018

On Deck

I'm hoping to finish up the unit of half-orcs/hob-orcs this weekend, possibly tonight. What's next? Well, I'm glad you I asked.

I still have the rest of the half-orcs that I had wanted to paint for half-Orctober on my desk. There's a high likelyhood of half-Novemborc. Or whatever. I dunno, just going to paint what I like.

Other things (still...) on my desk:

Westfalia halfling scouts. Rabbit archers. The start of the Meat Hating Robot Pirate crew (more still to be assembled). Heresy giant (started earlier this year.)

Not pictured are some skeletal things I will probably paint for Deadcember and the fact that I'm really itching to try sculpting again. And high-elves I need to finish for a friend. I've also got some other commitments. So how much of this actually gets painted before the end of the year... I don't know.

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