21 July 2019

Hobbit Scouts

Stole away some bits of time the past few weeks to paint nine hobbity scouts. Just finished the bases tonight. The leader (who has a wonderful Brotherhood of the Wolf look to him) and the Reaper hobbit on the far right were painted previously. Also painted a tiny hawk from Reaper as well.

I need a new photo setup...


  1. Very nice. Who makes these hobbits? I’ve always fancied having a hobbit army but haven’t been able to decide whether to go for slimmer more “serious” looking hobbits like these or ones that are more fat and comical.

  2. With the exception of the one on the far right, they are from Westfalia Miniatures. I've previously painted units of halberdiers, crossbow, and hobbit knights mounted on goats. You can find photos in past entries.

    My own preference is for these more serious type, but I know there are a few manufacturers of the portly & comical ones around too.