28 July 2019

Oathmark Assembly pt. 1

I experimentally put together some more Oathmark humans. Ten total so far. I mixed in some Citadel bits on half of them (mostly heads). I tried out the advice in the replies from the last entry. I ended up cutting the bases completely off because it was fairly clean & easy. I went with the Citadel beveled bases because they then fit pretty cleanly on those, and also I'm out of my home-made bases and don't have the patience to wait to cut them. ;) But the Citadel bases also help give a little extra height to the minis.

At any rate, the bits mostly mixed well (just a little neck trimming) and they rank up better than I had thought they would! I'm thinking if I pick up a second box, I can field two regiments of 25 melee troops, plus 10 archers. A good core for a small bandit/rebel/militia/whatever force.


  1. I like how these look! Also, mixing in familiar heads and weapons makes them look more "Warhammery", while the shields distinguish them from just another Empire regiment. Good work