20 July 2019

What's New? (July)

July's been a slow hobby month. Work continues to be busy, and we had a death in the family that's hit me pretty hard. Plus trying to fit in some summertime fun/events.

I'm currently blocking out colors on three command figures to supplement the recent OWAC Sea Elves as well as some hobbit scouts. Also starting on two hobbit characters -- one will represent a somewhat upper class mage, the other a wild nature based mage/shaman. 

As a reward to myself for finishing the OWAC, I added back to the "unpainted" side of the equation and bought a box of Oathmark humans. I've been wanting some more rough/irregular types to use as bandits or rural Wasteland militia or rebels, or even just  medium mercenary troops. They look good. The figures appear a little shorter than the older Citadel Empire plastics (a few shown for comparison). But they are still pretty bulky and it looks like the Citadel Soldiers of the Empire and Militia heads will look good on the bodies (and vise-versa). The Perry WotR plastics (not in pic) look thinner all around and I think the heads may, unfortunately, not be as good a mix.

One potential problem, I'm not sure these will fit well on 20mm square bases. So I'm considering two options -- either multi-basing, as I did with the plastic Skeletons, or just switching to 25mm square bases for these. The latter works in the context of one of the conventions among WAB (and other games) players, in which lighter troops are considered as fighter in less dense formations, thus wider bases. Depending on the rules system this could impact their fighting capabilities due to the "footprint" of the figures. Other games it may not make a difference.

I'm thinking some of the Perry Agincourt mounted knights, with some minor conversion work, may make good heavy cavalry counterparts for these infantry. Maybe a bit more like restless "younger sons" from Bretonnia, or mercenaries.

I'm also making a (very small) start on organizing my Althammer setting/campaign ideas. More on that later....

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