21 July 2019

Oathmark vs. GW Comparison

I assembled one of the Oathmark humans to see how it scaled up next to the GW/Citadel Empire soldiers & militia kits. They won't be mixed in regiments, so close enough for me!

Still not sure they will fit on 20mm bases. I can trim the integral base down (or completely off) to make individual figures fit, but I'm not certain they'll rank up in a regiment. Especially once their shields are glued on.

Anyone have any basing experience with these guys? 


  1. I based my Frostgrave on 20mm squares. I just cut the plastic back with side cutters, typically in an irregular shape to help disguise it when the base is textured.

  2. I've found that with a thin razor saw, the north Star plastic ranges tend to be easily removed from their integral bases. The feet are placed well for sawing under them. (Not tried the oathmark stuff though) That may help make them rankable.

  3. You could base them on 20mm square MDF bases, without the bevel they should fit fine.

  4. Can you go to 25mm? I've got an old metal high elf army I'm wanting to fix up but 20mm bases just seems painful when trying to rank up.

    1. 25mm is the assumed base size in the Oathmark rules.