20 September 2019

10 in 2? EMHRP?

There's a mini challenge on the OWAC group for a squad of 10 in 2 months -- so 5 figures per month. I was thinking about using this as an excuse to really start on the Eclectic Meat-Hating Robot Pirates.

Here were the fist 10 I came up with...

But then I found...

And really, any crew of misanthropic  robot pirates really *should* have a squad of robot flying monkeys. They're Reaper Bones figures, and surprisingly seem decently detailed -- and  very cheap!


  1. So great looking robots there (and the flying robo-monkeys are perfect... you just need a robo-parrot)

    Where is the "killer-robo-nurse" figure from?

    1. The nurse and the two figures on her left are from Effin Cool Miniatures, from their Metamorphosis Alpha range. There's one more 'bot miniature I'd like to get from them, but the web site seems to be undergoing a redesign and most of their figures are AWOL at the moment.