24 September 2019

Little Details

It's been a while since I've done some tiny freehand. Painting this shield was my little moment of stress relief on an otherwise shitty day. I need more painting time in my life, to decompress.  Lateaddition to the sea elves I did for the Old World Army Challenge (most of whom still need their shields painted as well...)


  1. Wow, that is great! Heraldry seems like something that Elves would obsess over too, so it makes sense in universe for the lobster to be so detailed. (and now I want to see some common troopers with just lobster claws on their shields)

    1. My plan is to do a variety of different nautical themed heraldry for various sea elf households. Some will be more traditional -- stars, anchors, sea serpents/dragons, etc. Others might be more geometric. But for some reason I was thinking that a lobster would fit on the shield perfectly, and be a quirky & bright.