02 September 2019

New Board and the Witch Hunter

It's been a good holiday weekend. Weather didn't completely cooperate, but for the most part things went well. I got some work done around the house, barbecued some chicken, and enjoyed some down time with my family.

I also got a bit of personal/hobby time in. First off, I painted the Witch Hunter, and started putting a bit of paint on his next few followers.

I hung a new light to brighten the little corner of the cellar that I paint in. It's almost too much light! When I turn my old task light on at the desk, it doesn't make much of a difference, and in fact casts a bit of a shadow. Things may get rearranged. This also may happen because...

I also made a new 3x3 game board. Hopefully I will get to use it for some small skirmish gaming, like Rangers of Shadow Deep. But I also wanted someplace better to take photos of figures. It took a few days (mostly waiting for glue/paint to dry) but the actual work that went into it was brief and easy. The new board matches the larger table/boards I've currently got in storage.

I threw together a makeshift backdrop and tested out a few angles for photos to see if the lighting will work.

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