09 September 2019

More Followers for the Witch Hunter

Still trying to work out the lighting...

More recruits for the witch hunter. Trying to work in some non-human followers. Looking for some dwarf militia/levy types but they're harder to come by.

And a statue (to be used as an objective)


  1. Very good! Love the new photo set up.

    Have to admit that Statue was the model I assumed you meant would suit a character you were looking for, so now I'm intrigue to see which that was... :)

    1. It is! I was looking for a figure to use as a statue of a revered & legendary half-orc hero. I wanted someone imposing, but not too refined. I was also looking for a statuesque pose.

      Unfortunately I screwed up the basing, I meant to add a small stone base before gluing the sand. But I was tired and trying to finish the other figures too and did his base at the same time.