09 October 2008

Deadline Approaching


It's Thursday. I'm leaving for Marauders Mayhem Friday afternoon, and will spend the morning packing & loading up the car. So that leaves tonight to finish. I still have to:

Paint & seal the display base.
Base and seal about a dozen figures.
Finish painting about 6 more (less than 1/2 completed), then base and seal them.


On the WAB front, I've got someone else interested, so it looks like it will be ancients. (See previous entry on the "Next Project" topic.) I've got a couple boxes of the Warlord Games Celts, and have a couple boxes of Wargames Factory Celts pre-ordered through http://www.thewarstore.com/. When those come in (if ever... *sigh*) I'll decide how to split up the remaining 4-5 boxes I'll probably like to pick up, and what else to pick up, metal figures, etc.

I'll give a review of the Warlord figures when I finish assembling some more and paint them up. So far, though, they look good. My initial thoughts, though, are that they're going to be a pain to rank-up, and I really really wish they would have included enough shields. The latter seems like a really bad move, IMHO. I think they would have done well to include some arms with slings as well. Extra heads, too -- with fewer duplicates. More to come on this topic, plus pictures.

Look for Celts and a report from Marauders Mayhem next week sometime.

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